Panic “monster” giant python weighing 4 quintal appeared in the middle of the construction site

A python worthy of being called a “monster” because it is 10 meters long and weighs 400 kg suddenly appeared in the middle of the construction site, causing the workers to panic.


The python was then restrained by workers, chained and sent to a tow truck, revealing its huge yellow spotted belly.

It is not clear if the python was killed or not, but many online comments have criticized the workers for not allowing the python to continue living in its natural environment.

Clip: Trăn khổng lồ quấn quanh ô tô và sự thật bất ngờ phía sau

Currently the world’s largest python holds the Guinness World Record in captivity in Kansas City, USA, 7.6m long.

Clip: Công nhân dùng máy xúc bắt trăn anaconda khổng lồ

Belo Monte is a hydroelectric complex built on the Xigu River. When completed, it will be the fourth largest hydroelectric dam in the world.

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