I’m Quiet doesn’t mean that I’m Don’t know…

I am always by your side, giving you time to think about you, and sometimes I feel alone. Not that I do not know how to be angry, but because I value you, I want to be with you.You see, I do not speak, you see I am silent, you may think I am stupid, you may be proud that you can hide me From what you did wrong to me, but you do not know that you are destroying the heart that I have for you. Little by little, I want to tell you some of the things behind this silence.

1. Many things I do not say do not mean I do not know

There are many things I know about you, I do not just hear, but I see I know. You. Friends, girlfriends, siblings, I all know, just some things I do not say Straight or digging roots because of understanding, understanding, friendship and understanding of the emotions that exist only.

Sometimes I also want to see if you can change it if no one peels your face. I also want to know if you know how to wake up or feel ashamed when a scammer hangs up Betray the people I trust, you love that person.

Some friends walk together for years, it's okay, just see me get a job, get a decent salary and be more beautiful Before I started to have jealousy and use the character of a snake with me, I say it straight away.

My girlfriend cheated on me, I have another girl, I know all but I do not want to argue and wait to see if they lie to me anymore Only. Please do not think that all people are more stupid than you do not know the wind.

2. You have something to hide from me, but I do not want to use it on you.

You used to tell me you hated liars, but in the end you lied to me, you hid Me. I never said I hated liars, but I did not do it. I am willing to listen to the words you lie to me, but I have never lied to you.

But I tell you, one day you will regret what you have done to me, because I did not Yes, God can endure foolishness forever. Soon I will be tired and I will walk away with the most satisfaction, whether it is love or friendship.