Because of This, Some people are still single and can’t find a Girlfriend

1. Wish for the perfect couple like in the novel

Everyone thinks of wanting a perfect relationship, and that feeling comes from watching. Romantic stories or reading too many love books, they want the stories they watch and read to be true love. And they forget that no love is as good as a bottle in a movie or a novel.

2. Like to order them to change everything

No one likes to be asked to organize their own lives and say that they have to change this and that forever. Whether it's friendship or romance, it can turn a relationship into a mess when you try to change it. What are themselves.

3. Unforgiving

Know that if you can not make mistakes, it is not human. Just make mistakes and must be able to correct yourself. And you can admit your mistakes, but you become strict when they make a mistake, do not consider Decide to talk together, you are an unforgiving person and very narrow-minded.

4. Not ready for love yet

You are a person who thinks a lot, is afraid of getting hurt when in love, is afraid that you are not good enough, is afraid that he will not be faithful to you Fear of all kinds of love, sometimes you just want to be alone and find happiness for yourself. Prepare yourself the best before you start dating.

5. Selfish

If you are a person who only cares about yourself, understands only your own needs, clearly that you are a murderer Love yourself, and remember that you can not be in love if you still act like this.