Is Falling in Love Alone called LOVE ?

Have you ever wondered if loving only one person is called love or not?

Many people say that love happens when two people feel good about each other. And worry about each other. What about the love that is given to them but they do not have for us, what is it called? Go? Some call it one-sided love or love alone. Related to this topic, there is also the debate that falling in love alone is not love, while others That even if they have no heart for us, it is love.

Obviously, no one can define love exactly, perfectly or perfectly, only the people in the story. Only then can they clearly understand what it means for them.

So in simple terms, it depends on how one-sided love makes you feel. If you are happy to dedicate your time and love to the other party without demanding Rewarding anything, in any form, and just wishing to see them well, you will surely enjoy Do those things for them. So you can call it love for you because you enjoy celebrating doing it.

Especially for those who have only one heart and try to do everything to please them. In return for love, no matter how much time or money you spend, you sometimes forget to be yourself. . An act that does not suit oneself, does not value oneself for the other party, is not considered love No. Everyone must remember that no matter what the situation, we must love ourselves first, then others will see the value Ours and reciprocate that love.